Not as much as you might think! But to give a little more detail, project pricing varies according to the length of the script, where it is to be used and the period of time the recording is to be used for. 

The industry standard method for calculating costs in the UK is based on two factors; a base studio fee (BSF) and usage. The BSF varies somewhat from one voiceover artist to the next but, in the UK at least, are all broadly similar.

Usage is calculated according to the size of the intended audience. This means that the longer the recording is used for, or the wider the circulation, the larger the audience becomes.

That said, all projects are different so always ask your intended voiceover artist for a detailed quote showing the breakdown between BSF and usage. (Tip: pro voiceovers will always be happy to share this).

Please feel free to get an exact quote for your VO project by using this form…