I guess you had to be there… but if you were, you’ll know the names and their voices.

In those days the DJs were my constant companions; I’d listen to Cuddly Ken’s breakfast show on the way to school. Later, Roger Scott would count me down to 7pm, when it was time to put away my homework.

I loved listening to the DJs of my youth; Little Nicky Horne (Your mother wouldn’t like it), ‘topless’ Tony Myatt, PY the pork pie, Fluff Freeman (not ‘arf) and Graham Dene (diddly dum de do).

Back then, radio jocks were the influencers of their time. Trusted, conversational and reliable, the DJs and presenters built lasting friendships with their listeners. We hung on every word, and recorded their shows on cassette to listen back time and again.

So when I got the opportunity to join my local hospital radio station in Edgware, (north London) I jumped at the chance. That took me Hospital Radio Hillingdon and stints on community radio and my own mobile disco setup (yes, I am that old).

I soon realised I wasn’t that passionate about music. I found LPs boring and commercial playlists repetitive. I much preferred the gaps between the records, when jocks had something interesting or cool to say. 

My interest dwindled; I put away my hobby, and picked up a career in travel, tourism and hospitality.

Years later, I noticed that microphones were never far away: I’d become an international keynote speaker, presenter and trainer.

And everything I did seemed to have a common theme;

Helping businesses build long-lasting emotional relationships with their customers.

Now I realise it’s about focussing on where the feelings start. The motivation right in the middle of it all.

  • The emotional connections we make
  • The stories we tell,
  • The inspirations that drive us
  • Our inner voices.

These days having relationships and connections like these are more important to me than ever. 

Working with like-minded, inspirational clients, for example.

I enjoy connecting listeners to ideas and suggestions, explaining concepts.

I get excited by scripts that are immersive, challenging & stimulating.

I relish lifting words off the page to deliver a read that builds confidence, credibility and trust.

With voice over I realise that I’ve found my creative voice, using it to consistently bring my clients’ stories to life. 

To connect, engage and relate.

My role is to breathe emotion, colour and conversation into your brand. 

To build lasting relationships with you and your customers.

Those 1970s jocks know what I’m talking about.