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The best way to be heard in content marketing

Growing audiences is hard work. Keeping them engaged and motivated about your product is harder still. It’s tough building an online presence with so much competition out there. So if you want your content marketing to be heard above the rest of the noise, you need an edge.

Yet because much of the digital workflow is so time consuming, it’s tempting to cut corners at the expense of compelling content - the very thing your audience craves.

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How to choose a voiceover who excels in remote recording

The global pandemic has made home recording in the voiceover industry commonplace. But setting up a home voice studio is not simply a matter of buying the right voice recording equipment.

This blog will provide you with the tools you need to evaluate the skills and capabilities of your chosen voiceover prior to making any costly or time-consuming mistakes.

That’s because only voice overs who excel in remote recording will deliver at the required standard.

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5 easy voiceover steps for digital marketing to win every time

There are many factors to take into account when hiring a voice-over artist for your next digital marketing project. Whether you’re working on e-learning, an explainer, corporate video, product demo or social media promo, it’s always important to set yourself up for success.

This blog reveals 5 easy voiceover steps for digital marketing to win every time.

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I grew up somewhere between vinyl and cassette

It was the early 1970s and commercial radio was launching in the UK. My new local station was Capital Radio. I still remember tuning to 539 on the medium wave dial (medium wave!) to hear their first transmission - and it arrived like a breath of fresh air. From that morning, I was hooked on those voices.

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Just like Uncle Henry

Ever since school I’ve had a creative streak. My mother used to say “you’re just like your Uncle Henry”. I never really knew what that meant until I started researching him a few years ago.

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How to choose a voiceover artist - Part 2

In the first part of this blog I described how the global pandemic made voiceover home recordings commonplace. But whilst this can have advantages, an inexperienced voice artist may not have the technical skills needed for voice-recording. Unsuspecting clients can end up with poor recordings that just don’t pass muster.

In the final part of this series I take a look at other vital aspects voice clients need to be familiar with before they book voice talent…

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I am based in Hertfordshire UK, within easy reach of the top voiceover studios and voice over agencies in London.
My pro-home studio is equipped with Source Connect and 
Clean Feed to serve clients in multiple time zones all over the world.
When scheduling remote projects, please use
worldtimebuddy to accurately synchronise London UK with your time zone.

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